What    the  connection    ?


You think in word
Thought is  .. words / concepts

Understand    -  communicate   -  live
       by and through word,
Your function depends - is based
       upon its echoe-effects   ..

You hear someone speak..
You Be - Live (in)  those wor (l) ds..
a whole world unfolds in you,
-colored shaped
designed and moulded

Word of its own, is meaning-less
there is nothing, but the proposal
word offers through the coherency
-intensity of the choice of focus
that defines simply and categorically
through and by the medium of Word..

Incantation it seems..
So many speak, talk  ..
word-ize  consecutively
Use word in all ways
so many differing words
various collections of them,
-all, in the assumption to the
world supposed thus living
out-imposing wise a/the projection
of thus then thought to be words
as world/life/reality etc..

A Wor-l-d, so thought, so seen, so believed..
existing through and by the pillars- ground
of Word, that acts as a key, to opening and
locking worlds..

Otherwise, -non existent
Naturally, it is Word and everything that comes with it..

Lots of stories   _  His  -  story..
One gets lost trapped and
relentlessly hooked in/to the
mazes-  word is
going only circles
- repetition

You say Human, so you are
You say God, and every other Word
and believe a meaning.
Nothing there-no objectivity-
all but the collective coherency-ies
to the prism of perceiving

what is that exactly?
that meaning-interpretation
of Word..
-More collections of words..
image attached, along
sound, bound all with
sensation and thus having
its own dimension-reality..
yet, is it so? cause these are just

And then you think you know..
Know what exactly..?
more words.. more words..
the worlds of them

Therefore, i say

wordless ness
reveals what is/if ...

What are you and what is there.. if not (of) a wordworld??